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Adventures in parsimonious computing

I find myself increasingly drawn toward static, minimal, immutable, and lightweight software with low resource footprint. I have made some changes to my computing activity flows, which I describe below:

  • Migrated my blog and website back to Hugo, a static web site generator written in Go, which is now hosted at my new domain that points to a VPS running Nginx.

  • Am in the process of migrating my Git projects to my own server, with cgit as a browsable front-end. My cgit instance is hosted on the VPS at A few of my projects are there now. I will still keep them on GitHub but most of them will be archived. My mdBook Zsh Manual will not be archived because it is part of a CI/CD workflow on Netlify, and I would like to keep it open to potential pull requests or suggestions from the Zsh community.

  • I have started using NixOS as my daily driver and am enjoying it thus far. It is everything an automatist could want in an operating system.

  • I’m currently tinkering with an Openbox + tint2 + sxhkd + rofi + Alacritty + picom + tmux computing environment. I will also use Xfce’s power management, polkit, and authentication agent.

  • Techne, my personal reference base, will no longer be hosted as a website. Nobody but me really uses it anyway. I’m going to migrate it to VimWiki and use it locally, but I will store the contents in a Git repository. Migrating all the markdown files to VimWiki should be pretty trivial. I will also be cleaning it up a bit and removing content that I no longer have use for.

Some concepts and philosophical ideals that I aim toward:

This makes me happy 😊


Last updated: 2021-11-19