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Chat App Overload

So, instead of having three separate chat apps running on my desktop, cluttering up the taskbar and system tray, I just installed the Flatpak version of Ungoogled Chromium and am using the web versions of those apps. I keep my regular web browsing in Firefox. I've found this to be optimal. The chat apps I use are Cinny (Matrix client), Discord, Android Messages for Web, Slack, and The Lounge (IRC client).

  • I don't have to use a clunky all-in-one chat app.

  • I can use the Catppuccin theme for Discord with the Stylus extension.

  • Cinny just works better in a browser.

  • I don't have to open three Electron apps when I login to my desktop.

  • I can run Android Messages and The Lounge in Ungoogled Chromium tabs and keep all my communication stuff in one place.



Last updated: 2022-06-15