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How do I pick something and stick with it?

Every day, my productivity consists of haphazardly going from one thing to the other. I'm too exhausted at the moment to describe it eloquently and humorously in a meme format.

Basically, within a span of thirty minutes, it's like: I'll work on the course on A Cloud Guru. But my Golang project, though. Perl, Raku. C++ problems on Exercism. Reading about init systems and why Systemd is bad. Perusing the runit documentation. Oh, I should probably update my VPS. I should write a gemlog post about my current thoughts on Systemd and my new computing setup with Void Linux musl, and why I enjoy using Void Linux. But I should really just focus on the A Cloud Guru course. I should scroll my Facebook feed and see what's happening. I'm going to respond to that comment. I'm going to comment on that other post. Now on to Twitter. Oh this Very Cool Person on Twitter posted a C++ tutorial, I should read that and then work on C++ problems on Exercism.

What the literal fuck.

I need to somehow prioritize and setup a sort of schedule that I'll follow weekly. Like Mondays and Wednesdays I can dedicate to A Cloud Guru lessons. Tuesdays and Thursdays are coding days, which would include working on my coding project or solving problems on Exercism. For this I'd have to make an informed choice about what programming languages I want to focus on. This choice must involve practical considerations, like what language is in demand for the type of job I want. And Fridays I can focus on reading, which would include technical material.

I need to pace myself and set time aside at the end of each day, like after dinner, for purely fun activites, such as light fiction reading and video-games. I would include socializing as a purely fun activity, but I'm not very good at socializing so it isn't as enjoyable as I'd like it to be. Nevertheless, I guess I can casually participate on IRC, Matrix, and Discord.

As far as programming languages go, Python is used almost everywhere, so I basically can't go wrong with Python. Forget Perl and Raku. C++? Idk.

I'm glad tomorrow is Monday so I can start this schedule on the proper beginning of the week.

I'm caregiving for my grandpa, which is mostly a 24/7 thing, so aside from these activities I have to sort of be basically on-call when my grandpa needs me in the other room, and also do these things around /his/ schedule.


Last updated: 2021-12-26