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Hi, I'm Jeffrey Serio. This is my home on the web. Welcome.

Personal info




My stomping grounds around the Internet.

Platform Handle
GitHub github.com/hyperreal64
Facebook https://facebook.com/serio.jeffrey
Twitter @hyperreal64
Fediverse @hyperreal@fosstodon.org
Geminispace gemini://hyperreal.coffee
Matrix @hyperreal:matrix.envs.net
Libera.chat (IRC) hyperreal
Tilde.chat (IRC) hyperreal
Discord hyperreal#4715
Email hyperreal@fedoraproject.org

Computing Repertoire

Category Software
Desktop OS Vauxite (immutable Fedora-based Xfce desktop)
Home lab OS Debian GNU/Linux
VPS OS Rocky Linux
Editors Neovim, VSCode
Web Firefox
Gemini Lagrange (GUI), Amfora (TUI)

I'm very interested in how other people do their computing. I enjoy seeing workstation setups, dotfiles, what software and tools others use as daily drivers. You know how like some people ask for photos of pets to cheer them up when they are feeling down? Well, I ask for computing setup screenshots and dotfiles repositories.

General interests

Below is an outline of topics I'm interested in and would like to learn more about:

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