Setup a Mastodon instance on Fedora Server

2022-12-12 | #fediverse #fedora #mastodon #selfhosting

I’ll go through the steps to setup a Mastodon instance on Fedora Server. This guide is based on the original Install from source guide in the Mastodon documentation, but includes Fedora-specific tweaks such as packages, file path differences, and SELinux policies. I’ll first go through prerequistes and basic setup, and then branch off in the style of a choose-your-own-adventure. Section 2 is for installing a new Mastodon instance; Section 3 is for Migrating from an existing Mastodon instance; Section 4 is for setting up Mastodon with Nginx and Certbot; Section 5 is for setting up Mastodon with Caddy; Section 6 covers SELinux policy modules that need to be enabled for some critical services and executables to work.

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Archive ProtonMail with offlineimap and Podman

2022-08-17 | #archiving #mail #offlineimap #podman #systemd

Problem I want to keep an archive of my email on my local machine for storage and record-keeping. I use Proton Mail as an email provider, so I have to use the Proton Mail Bridge app. I have the Flatpak version installed and set to run when I login to my desktop. I run Fedora Silverblue (actually it’s my own custom variant called Vauxite, but that’s not relevant here), so I have to run offlineimap from a Podman container on the host.

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The Wonderful World of Restic

2021-04-14 | #backup #restic

Context I recently decided to start using my own home server to store my dotfiles. The main reasons are simplicity, privacy, and security. I previously stored them in a repository on my GitHub account and installed them with Ansible, but I have increasingly found it cumbersome when trying to keep them updated and in sync. On GitHub, the changes (and mistakes!) I make to my dotfiles are publicly viewable; sometimes I’ll make changes several times a day, sometimes scrapping a change entirely when I later realize it was not such a good idea or breaks something in my activity flow.

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