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My blood boils when people misunderstand privilege

When someone tells you to check your white privilege, male privilege, able privilege, or financial privilege, it does not mean that your life hasn't been difficult, nor that you haven't worked hard for what you've got.

It means that your perceived race, perceived gender, non-disability, and wealth aren't one of the factors making your life difficult.

The reason anyone would say this to you is because you've expressed opinions or thoughts that overlook the difficulties those factors present to non-white, non-male, disabled, or poor people.

Sometimes this overlooking is unintentional -- in which case you may be less /culpable/ -- and sometimes it is willful -- in which case you are entirely culpable. In both cases, you are entirely /responsible/ for educating yourself and making a conscious effort to avoid letting that privilege affect opportunities and outcomes for people without it.


Last updated: 2021-11-18