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Re: Is there a word for nightmares while awake?

Responding to ew0k's post:

I've used the term 'daymare' before, to refer to daydreams that aren't pleasant. This may be a different experience to what you have described, though. Sleep deprivation /may/ have something to do with the frequency of daymares, but I've always attributed them to my mental illness or even just the way my mind works fundamentally, at least as a common denominator. These are distinguished from flashbacks in that they don't seem to be necessarily triggered by anything external, nor do they involve reliving /specific/ past events. They might occur during my mental replaying of a given social event where I "extrapolate" or catastrophize the meaning of a social cue or something someone said. They also aren't the same as the images I experience from certain kinds of intrusive thoughts, but those do occur during daymares as well.


Last updated: 2022-01-06