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Sci-fi plans for the weekend

For the next three days, my life is going to consist of reading Shadowrun books, (re)playing the Shadowrun trilogy on PC, and watching Stranger Things 4.

The Google Play Store has a sale for $4 off any ebook over $4. I bought Shadowrun Legends: Secrets of Power, which consists of three novels by Robert N. Charrette:

  • Never Deal With A Dragon (1990)

  • Choose Your Enemies Carefully (1991)

  • Find Your Own Truth (1991)

I also got Shadowrun: Spells and Chrome, edited by John Helfers, which is an anthology of short fiction set in the Shadowrun universe.

Stranger Things 4 just released on Netflix today (2022-05-27).

I'm also starting a reading list for sci-fi, fantasy, and cyberpunk:

  • Ender's Game and subsequent stories (Orson Scott Card)

  • The Neuromancer and subsequent stories (William Gibson)

  • Open for more suggestions!

Am also gonna have BBQ and bacon pizza for dinner tonight 😊

Oh, and it looks like we're in for some decent weathers here!



Last updated: 2022-05-27