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Vauxite: An immutable Fedora-based Xfce desktop

I maintain an immutable (OSTree) Fedora XFCE variant called Vauxite. There are currently no installer images, but Vauxite may be installed from an existing OSTree-based system like Fedora Silverblue or Fedora IoT:

Add my server URL as a new remote:

sudo ostree remote add --no-gpg-verify vauxite

Pin the current tree in case something breaks during or after the rebase:

sudo ostree admin pin 0

Rebase the tree to Vauxite

rpm-ostree rebase vauxite:vauxite/f36/x86_64/base

In case of failure or breakage, rollback to the previous commit:

rpm-ostree rollback

The Vauxite tree is rebuilt every Tuesday and Saturday to keep up with upstream security updates.

I've submitted a PR to the workstation-ostree-config repo on, which is the upstream for immutable Fedora variants.


Last updated: 2022-10-30